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Lesley Brennan : Scotland in the UK : Within a Federal System >>

Lesley Brennan : Hunger for a new Fiscal Recipe >>

Education : The SNP's "Defining Mission" - Mission Delayed  >>>


Jenny Marra : Dundee decommissioning >>

SNP deliver more broken promises on the NHS >>

Petition : Save the Dundee GPO >>>

Alex Rowley : Vision for Local Government >>>


Laurie Bidwell : Scotland Falls in PISA International Rankings

for Maths, Reading and Science >>>

Lesley Brennan : Gender and the Local Elections  >>>

Lesley Brennan : Brexit, #indyref and Trump: Indicators of the crises of legitimacy  >>>

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Ferry Police Station is Under Threat  >>>

Save Our NHS : Download  >>>


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