Welcome for Mill o'Mains Traffic Changes

Brian Gordon



25 September 2015

North East ward Councillor Brian Gordon has welcomed council proposals that will slow down vehicles seeking to use streets in Mill o’Mains as a short cut to enter Fintry by avoiding a major road junction and traffic lights at Forfar Road.

Brian said,

“I am glad that after so many years the 20mph limit in the area is being made compulsory instead of just being advisory.

“Vehicles, including HGVs have been turning into Claverhouse Road because it’s a convenient cut through to avoid the traffic lights at the junction of Claverhouse Road with Forfar Road

“The flow of traffic into Mill o’Mains to miss the traffic light junction has been getting worse for years.

“In recent years there have been a few near misses on Hebrides Drive because of it.

“There has been more concern because children use the path through from school , and cars are also speeding past the shops.

"Children use the path through from the school and cars are also speeding past the shops

"A few months back, a child was knocked off a bike there.

“Parents will now feel that their children will be safer in their own street.

“ This move by the council will go a long way to getting road safety up to standard in the area.

“There will be a general welcome that the matter that began with creation of the new road layout when Morrisons came here is now being addressed.”