Richard McCready

Scottish Co-operative Party Delegate to the Scottish Labour conference


31 October 2015

Speech to the Scottish Labour Party Conference on Composite Resolution 5 on Trade Union Bill

Chair, conference

Richard McCready, Scottish Co-operative Party.

Comrades and fellow-co-operators I want to speak in support of this motion, even though the motion says time after time that it refuses to co-operate!

From the consumer and co-operative wing of the Labour movement I want to send support and solidarity to the industrial wing of the Labour movement.

Co-operatives are about people getting together to organise themselves.

Whether it is workers getting together to form a workers co-operative or consumers getting together to form a retail co-operative.

We believe that we have an inalienable human right to organise ourselves.

The Trade Union Bill is an attack on that inalienable human right.

It is clear that this bill, if passed, would lead to poorer industrial relations. It is just plain daft.

Wearing my other hat, as a Scottish Labour and Co-operative Councillor in Dundee, I moved a motion last week which got the SNP-led council to eventually agree to oppose the bill. Left to their own devices I doubt that they would have acted.

This bill is an attack on the right to organise and on that basis we should oppose it.

Please support the motion.

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