Jenny Marra MSP




NHS Tayside needs to find almost £60 million savings in its budget

7 October 2016

Commenting on the news that NHS Tayside will have to make savings of almost £60 million in 2016/2017, Jenny Marra MSP said:

“Today’s emergency report on NHS Tayside is damning.

“They will have to make double the cuts they did last year, they still won’t break even, they won’t be able to pay back their ever increasing loan from the Scottish Government, and will have to ask for more.

“The big question here is why are costs in Tayside so much higher than everywhere else.

“It costs £700 more to keep a patient in Ninewells for a week than it does in the average Scottish hospital, prescription costs are the third highest in Scotland and we are still heavily reliant on agency nurses who cost nearly three times what a contracted NHS nurse costs.

“I want to know how this situation has been allowed to come about.

“I want to know how NHS Tayside plan to take £60 million out of our services without affecting patient care and safety.

“These are serious questions that will have to be answered in Parliament.

“As we read these figures, we know that we have a critical GP shortage in Dundee, that surgeries have closed their lists to patients, and people are having to wait longer than their legally guaranteed waiting time because there are not enough consultants.

“NHS Tayside have put a plan in place, but Audit Scotland have also said today that there is a significant risk that it will not achieve its financial plan this year, or in coming years.

“This situation is utterly unacceptable for patients across Tayside and need to be addressed urgently.

“The financial sustainability of our local NHS services is under threat – that’s the clear message from this report today.”

Audit Scotland report : The 2015/16 Audit of NHS Tayside : Financial Sustainability >>>

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