Jenny Marra MSP




NHS Tayside required Scottish Government loan for third year in succession

8th October 2015

Commenting on the publication of an Audit Scotland report which shows NHS Tayside needed Government loan to break even for the third successive year, Jenny Marra, Scottish Labour’s Equalities Spokesperson said:

“This report lays bare the SNP Government’s failure to resource our hospitals properly in the face of rising costs for staff and prescriptions, increasing patient demand and ever more targets.

“This is the third year in a row that NHS Tayside has had to rely on loans to pay staff and keep the service running. Tayside health board is now set to rack up its biggest deficit yet next year.

“The people of my community will be wondering where the health board is supposed to find the £27 million cuts that the SNP Government is expecting them to make. Surely Shona Robison cannot stand aside while frontline services are cut in her own backyard?

“We need to see a response from the SNP Government that gives the people of Dundee confidence in our local health services. Shona Robison should be considering what special measures need to be put in place to protect our local NHS.

“The SNP are quick to take credit for their health policies but they are clearly failing to give our doctors and nurses the funds they need to deliver them.

“We know that the problems in NHS Tayside are mirrored all over the country but the SNP Government is really struggling to explain how they will protect our NHS and have no plan to help save it from the cuts that their policies have created.”

Link to Audit Scotland report >>>