Jenny Marra MSP


8th. June 2016


Call for Council Consultation to be dropped

Jenny Marra has called upon Dundee City Council to drop its consultation on Revised Terms and Conditions of staff "at the earliest opportunity".

In her letter to Chief Executive David Martin , she said :

I am extremely concerned about Dundee City Councilís consultation on Revised Terms and Conditions which I understand erodes the terms, conditions and pay of many of your lowest paid employees and cuts maternity pay.

I understand that the Council has now conceded that Home Care staff should be exempt from the consultation.

I would like to respectfully request that the consultation is now dropped entirely for all staff.

The harsh reality of these proposals is that they visit the Council cuts at the doors of the lowest paid workers.

Some workers earning little more than the minimum wage are set to lose over £200 of take home pay per month.

I think this is entirely unacceptable.

I am also confused as to why variations in terms and conditions have been reserved for the lowest paid workers.

This consultation is causing significant stress and anxiety to council workers who manage important services in this City.

It is a regressive step and not in keeping with the progress our City is making.

I would ask that this consultation is dropped at the earliest opportunity.

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