Jenny Marra MSP




Flint Group Closure

19th. February 2016

Commenting in the Flint Group closure, Jenny Marra said ,

"I am bitterly disappointed in the Flint group decision.

"We have a profitable factory in Dundee and a workforce that are willing to look at anything to keep production in this city, but management have turned down ideas and cost savings that have been presented by the workforce.

"Flint could still be gracious to the workforce that have served them so loyally for years and give Dundee six months for us to put together a sustainable buy-out plan.

"I hope they will examine their consciences and seriously consider this stay of execution in the interest of their workers."

GMB Statement on Flint Group Closure

Drew Duffy, GMB Scotland Organiser, said ,

117 workers will be out of work, local businesses will also be hit as suppliers and even the local butcher who has built up a good lunchtime relationship with the staff will suffer.

"These are men and women that have given years of loyal service to this company and now face the prospect of singing on as unemployed.

"We put forward proposals to make efficiency savings and came up with potential saving of over 6 million, but it would have involved Flint making some bold decisions and that was refused.

"We are disappointed, but not surprised by their decision.

"We've been looking at everything we possibly can over the last few weeks and felt we came up with a fantastic proposal to save the Dundee plant, but that was torn apart as Flint Group want all their production to be based in the USA.

"Flint Group has missed a massive opportunity to use the Dundee plant to expand their market share in Europe.

"The workers in Dundee produce a very high quality product and had we started these discussions this time last year we wouldn't have had 8 weeks to save the plant.

"The possibility of an employee buyout or selling the plant was also discussed, but impossible to put together in such a short space of time.

"We have members that have worked there since they were 17, members that work at the plant with their sons and started there with their dads.

"Three generations of families working on this site comes to an end today.

"We have had several meetings with Jenny Marra MSP and she has been a huge support for the team set up to save the plant.

"We've been focussed on how we sell Dundee as a place to do business, as Dundee has had more than its fair share of job losses over the years.

"This is a massive blow to Dundee and I encourage any employer out there looking for good quality workers to get in touch, we need your help to find these men and women work.

"The staff will pay the price for years of mismanagement, but we are continuing negotiations into getting the staff the best redundancy package possible that recognises the hard work every employee has put into this company for many years.

"The site was due to celebrate its 60th year in April this year but instead it's being closed before then.