Jenny Marra MSP




Screening figures should jolt Government into action on cancer strategy

23rd. February 2016

Scottish Labour has called on the SNP Government to ‘get a move on’ and publish its long promised cancer strategy.

Information released today shows missed uptake targets for bowel cancer screening in Scotland.

The figures also shows that uptake of screening is at its lowest – 45.5% - in the poorest areas of the country.

Scottish Labour said that the figures should act as a ‘wake-up call’ to the SNP Government, and called on them to publish their long delayed cancer strategy.

Scottish Labour Equalities spokesperson Jenny Marra said:

“These figures should jolt the SNP Government into action on their delayed cancer strategy. The bowel screening figures are very concerning and show widening health inequalities in Scotland.

“Screening saves lives. Efforts should be redoubled to increase screening in our most deprived areas.

“The SNP has delayed for far too long on their cancer strategy.

"We expected it last summer but are still waiting.

"It is not clear why Shona Robison is delaying so long on publishing this important update for cancer treatment in Scotland, they should get a move on and publish it.”