Jenny Marra MSP




£1 million lost from Attainment Challenge funds for Disadvantaged Pupils in Dundee

28th. January 2016 

“The SNP education secretary admitted in Parliament today that Dundee will lose out on £1m money for schools that had been allocated to Dundee to close the attainment gap.

“This is disgraceful. The SNP government promised Dundee £2.14 million to be spend on pupils achieving more in schools, but the education secretary admitted today that because the SNP Council has failed to ask the SNP government for the money it was promised, they won’t receive it.

“There is incompetence somewhere along the line here.

"If Dundee City Council were aware that they had to “draw down” the money or lose it, then they should have made their plans much earlier and made sure that Dundee was getting all its allocated cash.

“But the Education Secretary should also be showing some flexibility to make sure that each Council that was promised this money, actually gets it.

“At a time when the SNP is planning millions of pounds of cuts in Dundee, are they so incompetent that they can wilfully lose £1m of money for our schools that has already been promised by central government?

“Were the City’s education chiefs aware that because they hadn’t put their plan together that they risked losing £1m of money for our schools?

“It is Stewart Hunter’s job to protect our schools and our education budget.

"He should explain to parents in Dundee why he has allowed £1m worth of schools funding to slip through his fingers.”