Kevin Keenan

Labour Group Leader , Dundee City Council

Statement on the cuts proposed for jobs and services at Dundee City Council.

11 January 2016

The proposed settlement from the Scottish Government to Local Government is totally unacceptable.

Not only have we got a huge cash cut but also additional pressures included which will see job losses and services slashed.

This is all because of the political choices of the Scottish Government and not as a result of cuts from Westminster.

The Scottish Government in real terms received a cash increase of half a billion pounds Ė equivalent to 1.7%

Whilst Mr Swinney must have welcomed the increase; he has cut Local Government collectively by £500m - £350m in revenue support and £150m worth of capital.

Should he have delivered a 1.7% cash increase to Dundee City Council, we would have been £4.7m better off.

Although some cuts would still need to be made, they would have been nothing like those we will see within the next few months being delivered by Dundee City Councilís SNP Administration.

The SNP Administration in Dundee will be delivering an austerity budget on behalf of a Party that claims to be anti-austerity.

This will be little consolation to those who will lose out.

At Dundee City Councilís Policy & Resources Committee on Monday evening, the Labour Group put forward a Motion calling on the Scottish Government to re-think its political priorities and deliver a fairer settlement to Dundee.

A further paper showed that Dundee City Council has an underspend of almost £4m on this yearís budget to date.

Council Officers should be congratulated for their forward planning knowing that the Scottish Government was likely to deliver bad news this year, although that bad news is a lot worse than they had originally budgeted for as demonstrated within their budget predictions given to the Policy & Resources Committee on 28 October 2015.

The £4m underspend throws up questions as to why the Administration last year cut the Principal Teacher post within the Young Mumís Unit at Menzieshill Ė something that we, as Councillors, still receive comments from the public about.