Kevin Keenan

Labour Group Leader , Dundee City Council

Comment on Dundee Education Statistics

15 December 2016

I am absolutely appalled by the statistics showing Dundee Schools’ performance in the Primary Sector.

It is a disgrace that these figures reflect that less than half of our P7s are achieving the expected National Levels of Numeracy.

The Scottish Government and indeed Mr Swinney himself as the Education Minister needs to reflect on the damage that his financial cuts and Council Tax freeze has delivered to Local Government.

Year on year throughout the SNP’s tenure, we have seen cut after cut being delivered to the Education Department starving our teachers of the support they require to deliver the Education to our children.

One of Dundee’s SNP Education Conveners described her £4.1m of cuts as “something that would make Education better”

Year on year, large amounts of money have been taken from Education.

I believe we have excellent teachers who have had to cope with endless change including the changes in the Curriculum for Excellence and at the same time their Trade Unions were saying the Education profession was not ready for these changes.

However, the Government railroaded them through.

This is the second week on the trot where we have seen the devastating effect the SNP have had on our Education system – it is unforgiveable.

Our own Education Convener in the City can’t escape the role he has played.

He and his fellow SNP Councillors have always suggested that these are efficiency savings.

Dundee kids are being left behind and our children deserve better.

Their future is dependent on a good education.

The Scottish education system was the envy of the world but Mr Swinney has been the orchestrator of its demise.

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