Kevin Keenan

Labour Group Leader , Dundee City Council

Cuts - They Can't Blame Westminster This Time

16 February 2016

The SNP Administration announced the next wave of cuts to jobs and services that Officers will be expected to deliver for them and whilst they have issued a number of flowery words, these are real hard hitting cuts to services that will see people lose their job.

The Report on re-modelling of Home Care Services - the footer at the bottom of the page would suggest that this Report has been sitting around from June 2014. If services were not to be affected by these cuts, they would have been taken long before now.

The City Councilís Property Rationalisation Report that will only save £200k in 2016/17 needs a re-think as it will see vacant buildings becoming a blight on our landscape across the City as they propose to close the following seven buildings:

Claverhouse, Dudhope Castle, Downfield House, Linlathen Resource Centre, Bell Street Music Centre, Lochee Children and Family Centre and the Educational Choice Project and moving them to the former Rockwell School after Harris decant to their new school.

I believe that closing Rockwell as soon as itís vacant will deliver a larger saving than the above proposals given that within their own Reports; they suggest the part year saving for the closure of Menzieshill School will achieve £756k.

Given this, I canít see why Rockwell School couldnít produce a bigger saving than £200k next year.

Another area that needs a re-think is the proposed increase in payment that will be made to DERL of some additional £415k.

DERL is solely owned by Dundee City Council so the SNP must re-think this proposal considering that .

DERL has been in profit and year on year the City has reduced the waste going there for disposal.

Instead of giving them £415k, we should be considering a large reduction and spending the money where itís needed in our schools delivering directly to the classroom teacher the materials and resources they really need to help them make a difference.

The Administration need to justify the political choices that they make and the effect they will have across the City.

They canít blame Westminster this time.

No ifs or buts theyíre Nicolaís Cuts.