Kevin Keenan

Labour Group Leader , Dundee City Council

£28 million cuts for Dundee City Council

22 October 2015

£28 million cuts for Dundee.

It does not come as any surprise that these council cuts are on their way.

News of these cuts are coming at the same time as NHS Tayside’s financial crisis has been revealed.

The Scottish Government could help the council by using some of the £347 million it underspent last year

For a city that is desperate to attract jobs, it really is bad news when the council has indicated that it will lay off a number of people

We are trying to use all of our powers as a council to attract investment, and obviously the council paying people off will have a negative impact on the amount of money being spent in our shops.

We have to try to protect the most vulnerable people

The sad fact of life is that cracks are already beginning to show in areas such as health and social care.

The Scottish Government is showing that their record of financial management is maybe not as good as ithey are trying to make it out to be.