Laurie Bidwell

Labour spokesperson on Education in Dundee


1 October 2015

The Missing Apostrophe

Last night at the Education Committee meeting, I asked Michael Wood, the Executive Director of Children and Families' Service, a question about punctuation.

As Executive Director I asked why the service he heads apparently had decided to remove an apostrophe after the s in Families in the title of the amalgamated service?

This omission was apparent in the title and body of the reports that he had brought to Committee.

I had previously raised this matter in private with Michael Wood and had hoped that matter would have been sorted out without having to raise it at the Education Committee.

As the head of the service that is responsible for the teaching of reading and writing in our schools, I think our Executive Director of Children and Families' Service should lead by example.

Interestingly, the Convener of Education, Councillor Stewart Hunter, avoided revealing whether he and the SNP group of Councillors had been responsible for or party to to this decision.

I have sent a copy of the committee report to the Apostrophe Protection Society. 

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