SNP's Draft Budget for Dundee Includes Cuts to Supply Teachers and Continuing Unfilled Posts in our Schools

Laurie Bidwell, Labour spokesperson on Education in Dundee


4 February 2016

I think parents and carers in our city will be alarmed to learn that SNP's proposals for our Primary and Secondary Schools includes a 1.052 million cuts in salaries for teachers and other staff in our schools.

Primary and secondary schools will together have their 'supply' teacher budget cut by 604,000.

In addition, in Secondary Schools, the Council plans to save a further 450,000 by introducing a 'slippage allowance' in the Secondary Schools staffing budget. In plain english this mean that when a teacher goes off sick or on Maternity leave, there will be less cash to provide supply cover.

If a Secondary school teacher leaves their post or retires, the Council plans to build in a delay, what it refers to as 'slippage', before making an appointment.

It seems as though the Education Convener has given up expecting improvement to the number of qualified teachers available or caring about the disruption to leaning that these cuts will cause.

These savings will be at the expense of our children in their classrooms.

Our existing teachers, will also pay the price when they have to answer more calls to provide cover for absent colleagues and to cover vacant posts waiting to be filled.

I cannot understand why the SNP at Holyrood and on the Council are prepared to merely pass on austerity.

Dundee pupils deserve better than this.