Staff Shortages in Dundee Schools Revealed in Council Report

Laurie Bidwell, Labour spokesperson on Education in Dundee


8 January 2016

Labour's Education Spokesperson on Education, Councillor Laurie Bidwell said:

"The revelation in a committee report that the Council has under spent 750,000 on staff in our schools up until 30 November 2015 suggests that the shortage of teachers in our schools has not gone away.

"From these figures, it would appear that as many as thirty staff, mainly teachers, have been missing from our schools.

"On behalf of pupils, parents and carers and teachers and support staff, I have written to Michael Wood, the Executive Director of Children and Families' Service to seek clarification about how these classes are being covered.

"In his report to the Education Committee about Staffing Levels on 26 October 2015, the Executive Director wrote:

'there is a clear recognition that additional work and ongoing recruitment is required in the coming session to fill vacancies, ensure that all teaching posts remain filled and increase the number of supply teachers.'

"I have also asked the Executive Director whether he and his staff remain committed to making this happen and what improvements in staffing levels we can expect before the end of the month."