Lesley Brennan

Fewer Teachers, Bigger Classes


11 December 2015

“Judge us on our record!” is Nicola Sturgeon’s invitation to voters for the 2016 Holyrood election.

Judging by the latest education figures for our city released by her Scottish Government, Dundee is being let down yet again.

Since the SNP took power as the Scottish Government eight years ago, the number of primary school teachers in Dundee has fallen, the number of secondary school teachers has decreased, and the ratio of pupils to teachers has gone up rather than down.

Eight years ago, Alex Salmond promised that by 2011 there would be no class in Primaries 1 to 3 in Dundee that would have more than 18 pupils in them.

Today, eight years on, less than 4 per cent of such primary classes have reached that figure –the lowest in all of Scotland.

We want every possible prospect and opportunity to be made available to pupils in our city.

More investment in their education means more investment in Dundee’s future.

The promise in the 2007 SNP election manifesto

The assurance given in the Scottish Parliament

 ..and the reality today ...the percentage of pupils in Dundee in primary 1-primary 3 classes with 18 or less pupils is less than 4%, the lowest in Scotland.

 The number of primary teachers in Dundee in 2007 was 691. - Today it is 632.

The number of secondary teachers in Dundee in 2007 was 805. - Today it is 646.  

The pupil –teacher ratio (the number of pupils per teacher) in secondary schools in Dundee in 2007 was 10.0  -Today it is 11.2