Lesley Brennan

Women 50:50 and Council Representation


23 October 2015

Lesley Brennan has placed an item on the agenda of Monday's Dundee City Council meeting seeking support of 50:50 and recognising that more needs to be done at local government level.

Currently, there are six women on Dundee City Council:

Labour group is 40% women

SNP group is 12.5%

Her motion reads :

Council notes that women are underrepresented across Councils in Scotland and make up only 25 % of Councillors

This Council further acknowledges that whilst voluntary mechanisms such as all women shortlists have made some progress, women are still not represented fairly.

The Council congratulates the Women 50:50 campaign who have working across all political parties and have gained support from the SNP, Scottish Labour, Scottish Liberal Democrats and Scottish Green Party leaders.

The Council welcomes and supports Women 50:50’s call for legislated candidates quotas in the Scottish Parliament and Council elections and backs the campaign’s call for fair representation of women in Scotland.

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