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A New Approach to Our Railways


January 2017

This week, rail fares increased across the ScotRail network.

Scottish Labour doesn't think that's fair.

Passengers are fed up with delayed, cancelled and overcrowded trains.

Here's Scottish Labour's plan for a new approach to our railways:


The SNP has just three months to sort the ScotRail shambles after promising passengers they will see improvements by the end of March.

SNP Transport Minister Humza Yousaf agreed an ‘improvement plan’ with ScotRail on September 16 last year.

He told Holyrood’s rural economy and connectivity committee on October 26: “The improvement plan is for 2016-17, so I expect ScotRail to hit the PPM [Public Performance Measure] by the end of 2016-17.”

But the most recent figures show the PPM figure for the four weeks to December 10 was just 83.7 per cent.

That means nearly one-in-five trains failed to arrive within five minutes of their arrival time, having called at all stations on the route.

And when you look at the percentage of booked services which arrive within 59 seconds of their arrival time, the situation is even worse.


Download Annual On Time Arrival at Destination date (PDF >>>)

 Scottish Labour transport spokesman Neil Bibby said: 

“The clock is ticking for Humza Yousaf. The SNP has just three months to sort the ScotRail shambles.

“Labour supports a publicly-owned People’s ScotRail where we can reinvest profits in our rail network and deliver a better deal for passengers, and this year we will be stepping up our campaign to help deliver it.

“But we must not lose sight of the fact that passengers want to see immediate improvements. They are fed up with overcrowded, delayed and expensive trains.

“Mr Yousaf agreed the improvement plan in September, yet performance on ScotRail has deteriorated since then. It would be unacceptable if that trend continues.

“It is therefore vital that the SNP Government provides a full and detailed plan for an operator of last resort should the current franchise fail." 

Scottish Labour launched a campaign last year for a fare freeze for all passengers in 2017, following months of disruption on the network.

Labour pressure forced the SNP to give season ticket-holders a free week’s travel this year, but this does not extend to all passengers.

Neil added: "It is good to see after pressure from Scottish Labour and passengers that there will be targeted fare reductions this year.

“However, we want to go further. That’s why Labour called for a fare freeze in 2017. This would benefit every single passenger.

“After all the delays and disruption people have had to put up with on the railways, no passenger should face a fare hike this week.”


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