Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on Additional Attainment Challenge Funding for Dundee Schools

Hundreds of patients dying on delayed discharge lists

Scotland Falls in PISA International Rankings for Maths, Reading and Science

Laurie Bidwell is not seeking re-election to Dundee City Council next year

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Ferry Police Station is Under Threat

Commenting on Stop and Search Powers for Teachers

Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on Future Targeted Cash to Dundee Schools

Jenny Marra : NHS Tayside needs to find almost £60 million savings in its budget

Marc Winsland : Speech to the Labour Party conference

Jenny Marra : Residential Road Safety - speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Jenny Marra MSP to host Dundee Decommissioning Summit

Laurie Bidwell : Comment on Serious Lapse in Council's Duty of Care When Francis Wright Nursery Pupil Was Stranded on School Bus

Richard McCready : Frederick Douglass and Dundee's Diverse History

Richard McCready :Community Spirit Action group

Commending the Work of the National Deaf Children’s Society and Parliamentary questions tabled

Laurie Bidwell : Late and Lengthy Guidance for Teachers Issued with Letter from Cabinet Secretary for Education

Kevin Keenan : Dundee Is Crying Out for Jobs

Commenting on Attendance, Absence and Exclusion in our Schools

Recent motions tabled by Jenny in the Scottish Parliament

Jenny Marra continues to campaign for civil service jobs for Dundee

Commenting on Lack of Spare Places in Dundee Primary Schools to Cope with A Rising Number of Children

Lesley Brennan : Frames and the Left

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Lesley Brennan : On Austerity, The Left have been right all along

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Jenny Marra : Srebrenica Genocide (21st Anniversary) - speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Jenny Marra : Call for Council Consultation to be dropped

Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on Household Debt Issues in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Possible Coastal Protection Measures between Grassy Beach and Broughty Ferry Castle - Flyover Simulation

Richard McCready : Further bus changes make case for regulation

Richard McCready : Bus change in Dundee makes case for regulation


Laurie Bidwell : Education in Dundee - Council Budget Speech

Lesley Brennan : Four Features of the Cuts

Lesley Brennan : Response to John Swinney claim that cuts will have "minimal impact" on Dundee

Jenny Marra : Screening Figures should jolt Government into action on cancer strategy

Jenny Marra : Flint Group Closure

Jenny Marra : A Working River Is Essential

Kevin Keenan : Cuts - They Can't Blame Westminster This Time

Jenny Marra : Big cuts are a further assault on Dundee’s economy

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Is One of the Bright Sparks

Laurie Bidwell : SNP's Draft Budget for Dundee Includes Cuts to Supply Teachers and Continuing Unfilled Posts in our Schools

Lesley Brennan MSP : Swearing in at Holyrood

 Jenny Marra MSP :Deafening Silence from the SNP

 Jenny Marra MSP :Fair Chance of Sports Cash for Dundee?

 Jenny Marra MSP :£1 million lost from Attainment Challenge funds for Disadvantaged Pupils in Dundee

Kevin Keenan : Statement on proposed cuts on jobs and services at Dundee City Council

Richard McCready: Air Quality : What Is Happening ? 

Richard McCready: Camperdown House - time for a long-term use to be found

Lesley Brennan MSP : Women and Inequality  

Lesley Brennan MSP : NHS Staffing

Laurie Bidwell : Lost £1 million from Attainment Challenge funds for Disadvantaged Dundee Pupils

Laurie Bidwell : Staff Shortages in Dundee Schools Revealed in Council Report

Richard McCready: Active Schools/Outdoor Learning transfer of jobs more detail required 

Richard McCready: Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Action - Give the public a say

Lesley Brennan MSP : Education

Lesley Brennan MSP : Labour has rejected the economics of Austerity

Lesley Brennan MSP : 24th. March 2016 and Oil Prices


Lesley Brennan : Fewer Teachers, Bigger Classes

Richard McCready: Cuts in Street Cleaning and Ground Maintenance 

Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on the High Level of Pupil Absences in Dundee Schools

Laurie Bidwell : Increasing Class Sizes in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Speech to the Education Committee

Lesley Brennan : "Truthiness" and the Political Persuaders

Richard McCready : No Ball Games - What Do You Think ?

Lesley Brennan : Campaign Against the Tax Credit Cuts

Lesley Brennan : Tory Pretence as the "Workers' Party"

Jenny Marra : Response to HMRC Job Losses

Lesley Brennan : Campaign Against the Tax Credit Cuts

Richard McCready : No to TTIP 

Jenny Marra : SNP Excuses Are Wearing Thin

Laurie Bidwell : Boundaries for The Ferry ward

Richard McCready : New Housing Bill  

Lesley Brennan : Dundee Labour at Perth Scottish Labour Party conference

Dundee Labour at Perth Scottish Labour Party conference

In the Scottish Parliament yesterday, the SNP decided not to use powers coming to restore tax credits to Scottish families

Scottish Labour Party 2015 conference - videos and speeches

George McIrvine : speech to the Scottish Labour conference

Jenny Marra : speech to the Scottish Labour conference

Richard McCready : speech to the Scottish Labour conference  

Lesley Brennan : Seasonal Increase in Winter Mortality in Dundee

Lesley Brennan : Tax Credits Cuts Vote

Lesley Brennan : Women 50:50 and Council Representation

Laurie Bidwell : Staffing Levels in Dundee Schools

Laurie Bidwell : Off-site Education Centres in Dundee : Just One Sentence in Report

Marlyn Glen : Suffragette

Kevin Keenan : £28 million cuts

Kevin Keenan : SNP Council Cuts - Bad News in Instalments

Richard McCready : West End Parking

Lesley Brennan : The Coherent Alternative Our Country Desperately Needs

Lesley Brennan : Trade Union Bill - Obama Praises The Work of Unions

Lesley Brennan : The Tories and The Poor

Jenny Marra : Human Trafficking Bill

Jenny Marra : NHS Tayside Required Scottish Government Loan for Third Year In Succession

Lesley Brennan : Tax Credits Cuts : Tory Millionaire Minister's Verdict

Lesley Brennan : Embarrassment for and Hypocrisy from the Tories

Laurie Bidwell : Go Dundee Learning Journey

Laurie Bidwell : Thefts from NHS Tayside Over 5 Years

Laurie Bidwell : The Missing Apostrophe

Georgia Cruickshank : "Legal Highs" - Debate on New Psychoactive Substances

Brian Gordon - Mill O'Mains- Speed Limit May Not Be Enough

Lesley Brennan : Jeremy Corbyn - The Real Thing

Lesley Brennan : The Authentic Politics of Jeremy Corbyn

Brian Gordon - Welcome for Mill O'Mains Traffic Changes

Richard McCready - Council Agrees Support for Refugees

Jenny Marra :Let's Talk about Evil Traffickers

 Lesley Brennan : Trade Union Bill : Two Week Warning

Lesley Brennan : Tax Credits and Tax Avoidance - The Two £12billion

Lesley Brennan : Trade Union Bill : The Tories' Imaginary Numbers

Georgia Cruickshank : Anger as another shop sells "Legal Highs"

Laurie Bidwell : SQA Admit Higher Maths Exam Was Too Hard

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee University : Scottish University of the Year

Richard McCready: Zero Tolerance Needed

Richard McCready: Opening of Seabraes Bridge